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socialmediaserviceMany social media or web gurus are in the camp that believe social media should be used only for conversation purposes, but I believe it can be used for so much more.  Social media not only allows you to communicate more easily with your target audience, it can also help add value to your client or customer’s experience with your brand.  Below are just a few examples of some businesses using social media to give added value and service to their customers.

FacebookAll Better Pediatrics

All Better Pediatrics

This local pediatrics office recently launched an aggressive and well executed social media campaign to connect with all their current and future patients.  They utilize their Facebook page to answer patient related questions in between sick and wellness visits or during their off hours.  They also use it to publicize any child-related product recalls and post articles of interests to new or seasoned parents.  I must admit, I am extremely impressed at the quick adoption and embrace of social media used by this doctor’s office to add value and service to their existing parents and patients, not to mention use as a competitive advantage!


MacStyles goes beyond posting testimonials or mini-ads of their core product through their YouTube channel.  Instead, they post videos of how to use and apply their product.  Their product (Macbook decals/covers) seem like they would be easy to adhere, but wait until you read the instructions.  This video quickly demonstrates how to apply their decals without complex jargon or confusing steps…plus the background music is very entertaining!

TwitterFirst Tennessee

First Tennessee

Many companies are developing social media presences over Twitter to better serve their clients.  First Tennessee has a customer service team on Twitter ready and willing to help you with any of your financial issues.  They also use Twitter to monitor any brand name mentions and reach out to disgruntled customers.  Though their Twitter page is public, once client contact is made it is taken offline to protect the user’s privacy and sensitive financial information.

FoursquareHarvard University


Any company with a large campus could utilize Foursquare to provide an additional service to organization visitors, but Harvard was one of the first.  Harvard’s Fourquare page has a list of interesting places to visit while touring the campus.  Once a Foursquare user checks into one of these places, they are sent a message with info on the location or nearby places to visit.  This is something I am sure is well appreciated by visiting parents, not to mention for new students to use to connect with fellow students/faculty on campus.

How are companies you know using social media to better serve their clients or provide added value?  Please share in the comments section below.

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