A Little Fun With Google Adwords (Part I)

adwords-part-iMarketing is supposed to be fun.  PERIOD. Marketers by nature are all a little zany, but I can’t help but notice how some of us tend to get so caught up with work that we forget to add a little pizazz to our day-to-day projects.  That is why I have decided to add a dash of fun to my latest Google Adwords campaign.

Let’s be honest…

There is very little excitement to be found in a pay per click (PPC) campaign and there is definitely nothing sexy or mind blowing about Adwords.   An Adwords campaign is relatively easy to set-up and maintain, but let’s all put our zany marketing caps on for just a second and think outside the keyword box.  How can we use our Adword keywords to build our brand??   My answer in just a moment…

The Adwords Idea

My soon to be revealed Adwords idea was inspired by another individual on the job hunt (yes, this new graduate is also on the hunt if you know anyone interested) who placed bids on the brand names of the companies he wanted to work for.  The ads got some attention.  He received two offers from the five companies he targeted and spent a whopping $6.00 on the entire campaign!

My Out of the Box Answer

So in my own personal attempt to showcase my knowledge of Search Engine Marketing and branding abilities, I have taken advantage of all the white space to the right of the “Erin Wiles” Google search page to buy up sponsored ad space in order to attract attention of a potential employers.  Now, when anyone Googles my name (as I request on my about page and in cover letters) they will be greeted with ads describing my awesomeness and ninja marketing skills.


My goal is to impress potential employers, but I do also realize it could backfire.  A potential employer might see this and think I am too over the top or wild for their brand…hmm…I am up for the risk!  If a marketing company doesn’t consider this out of the box thinking something that could benefit their company (not to mention entertain), then how much fun would it be to work for them anyways?

Part II – Let’s apply this same principle with companies for some true Guerrilla Marketing fun.

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