Which is Your Marketing Alma Mater?

Marketing Alma MaterI recently came across a blog with a graphic depiction of the different Schools of Marketing.  Marketing is an amazing field that is in constant motion.  Think fifty years ago?  TV and radio was King and telemarketing was considered cutting edge.  Fast forward to today and there are dozens of specialties each marketing professional possesses, with more and more coming to light as medium platforms change.  I am proud to be a part of a field that is ever expanding and evolving to help communicate (for the most part) useful information on products or services that meet consumer needs.

Take a look at the graphic below.  What School of Marketing do you hail from?
Are you a master of traditional marketing mediums such as print or TV?  Or are you a new-age ninja, with major nunchuck skills in the web?

Marketing Fields[/caption]

Special thanks to David Armano for creating this graphic and teaching me a new word: Tradigital Marketing

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