Half The U.S. Has a Smartphone: Now What?

smartphone-now-what“Half the US has a smartphone.”  It is a broad statement derived from a comScore report and some say it is still debatable whether smartphones will outnumber feature phones by the end of 2011 (some think it will be more like mid 2012).  Regardless of when it will happen, rest assured, it will happen.

I recently made an excursion was to Atlanta where I attended a monthly event hosted by the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AIMA).   The topic of the evening was smartphones, which have become one of the fastest growing mediums and one that could have the biggest impact on marketers in the next few years.

Their event “Half the U.S. Has a Smartphone: Now What?” not only gave a quick smartphone history lesson but also a few good real life mobile marketing tips.  Additionally, it affirmed my beliefs in mobile site vs mobile app development  and when each is the best solution for particular needs.  I also picked up a few new mobile industry terms, some I really hope to avoid – “Somoloco” (what?!).

See my Storify summary of the event below or view the story here.


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