DigiSpeak: Digital Marketing Hipster

Who doesn’t prefer to use industry jargon when giving a presentation or talking shop with peers? I certainly do.  But some digital marketers really know how to take it to the next level with their digital vernacular #winning them the title of “Digital Marketing Hipster.” This badge of hipster honor is not to be construed as bad.  If you use one or more of the following digital terms on a daily basis, though you may not be wearing skinny jeans and sporting thick rimmed glasses, you may be a digital hipster.

“Frictionless Sharing”

This phrase is nothing new to the Facebook marketer. It was first mentioned by Mr. Zuckerberg himself at the September 2011 f8 conference. In his keynote address Mark mentioned a concept called “frictionless sharing” which is one of Facebook’s latest goals. To give you an idea of the concept, it is basically Facebook’s attempt to add even more status and stream updates to the news ticker. Authorize Facebook apps like Spotify or the Washington Post and sharing on your profile what you listen to or read will be effortless, seamless…frictionless.


Most marketers working in mobile should be well aware of the term Mocial. Mocial is the coupling of two concepts (Mobile + Social Networking), but instead of just saying the two terms separately someone (probably a digital hipster) went all “Brangelina“ and converged the two. “Mocial” marketing, assuming this made up word is an adjective, ensures that any mobile marketing campaign will include some social sharing options to help amplify the message. For example, one could say that when Apple added deeper Twitter sharing integrations into their release of iOS5, they also deepened their “mocial” marketing capabilities.  Don’t know about you guys, but reading “mocial” too many times in a blog post gives me mocial sickness.


The oldest term on my digital hipster list, and probably the one most used by non-digital marketers like anthropologists and evolutionists, is meme. Traditionally, a meme is something that reflects a cultural norm and is repeated or passed through groups of people. Catch phrases like “Where’s the beef?” or “Whasssssup” are examples of societal memes from previous decades in the US.

But meme has gone mainstream with the internet. If you have seen anything related to planking or leisure diving, then you have seen an internet meme (and if you’re a digital hipster you’ve probably done it too). Personally, my favorite type of internet meme are the image memes that feature a witty caption, i.e. - Honey Badger Don’t Care. Popular hashtags like #tigerblood are also examples of internet memes.

Has a Digital Hipster dropped an F-bomb (frictionless sharing) on you recently or thrown out some other geeky term?  Please share it or your own personal favorite Digital Hipster terms in the comments below.

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